A dose of positivity!

I’ve been horribly neglectful of my blog, my exercise, my “self” in the past few weeks. I’m working a couple of consulting jobs in the real estate world and suddenly have been busier than usual. As I was searching for my “center”, my guidance, I found this lovely reminder in my email in-box today…

In the words of Rich German:

I’ve observed recently that as the world has gotten more difficult for people, they have lost touch with some basic truths that could improve their lives.

Concepts like:

Everything is possible, nothing is impossible.

There are no limits.

Whatever you can dream of can be yours.

And my favorite… The life you want, wants you!

I came across this short, inspirational video which serves as a fabulous reminder of what is possible for you when you remember how powerful you actually are!

Have a look…

I was definitely inspired! Thanks Rich for the gentle reminder, just when I needed it…that “the life I want…wants me”!

Now I challenge you, my friends…spread the inspiration! We can all use a dose of positivity!




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