The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson – Book Review

The Slight Edge is not just another self-development book with new ways of doing things. Rather, The Slight Edge is about teaching you to learn to use and master the information you already know.

Simple things, small steps, ie. baby steps, can make profound changes in your life. Your consistent actions will affect you in either a positive or a negative manner. It’s vital to focus on moving in a positive direction to achieve the results you want.

I was particularly struck by the story of the water hyacinth. The water hyacinth is one of the most productive plants on earth; it’s preferred method of colonizing a new area is to grow by doubling itself. It’s a fantastic story about the effects of compounding. We are all making choices every day. We don’t see the results today or even tomorrow. Eventually we will. Will the result be what we want?

 “On the first day, you won’t even notice it. On day 15, it will cover perhaps a single square foot of the pond’s surface. On the 20th day (2/3 of the way to the end of the month), you may notice a dense little patch of floating foliage. On day 29, one-half of the pond’s surface will be open water. On the 30th day, the entire pond will be covered by a blanket of water hyacinth. You will not see any water at all.”

In a very well written, easy to ready book, the author leads you through the process of identifying and learning what the Slight Edge is and how you are already applying it in your life. The second part of the book encourages you to look at what you want to achieve in the areas of your life such as: your health, your finances, your personal relationships, your family, and how to apply the Slight Edge philosophy to help achieve the life you want to live.

This book is appropriate for anyone, in any business, who wants to improve their life. It’s motivational and instructional. I believe it’s a book you’ll want to keep and read several times.

Some of my favorite quotes:

“The right choices and the wrong choices you make at the moment will have little or no noticeable impact on how your day goes for you. Nor tomorrow, nor the next day. No applause, no cheers, no screams, no life of death results played out in Technicolor. But it is precisely those very same, undramatic, seemingly insignificant actions that, when compounded over time, will dramatically affect how your life turns out.”

“It’s easy to do. And it’s easy not to do. And if you don’t do it, it won’t kill you or destroy your chances for success today. But that simple error in judgment, compounded over time, will kill your chances for success. It will take you down and out of your life forever. And that choice is always yours.”

“You have to go one direction or the other; you can’t stand still. Everything is constantly changing. There are only two possibilities. Either you let go of where you are and get to where you could be, or you hang onto where you are and give up where you could be. You are either going in the direction of your dreams or giving up your dreams. Stretching for what you could be, or settling for what you are. There is simply no in-between. Doing nothing means going down. It’s your choice.”

“Gigantic funerals are held and great crowds, sometimes entire nations, mourn for those people who spent their lives not worrying about what others thought.”

 “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do; they put the Slight Edge to work for them, rather than against them, every day. They refuse to let themselves be swayed by their feelings, moods or attitudes; they rule their lives by their philosophies, and do what it takes to get the job done, whether they feel like it or not.”

 Bottom line…this is a must read. Success and failure are both predictable. Get the book, or audio book and learn the simple philosophy of the Slight Edge. If you allow it to…it will change your life.

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Connect with the author, Jeff Olson:

I’d love to hear your stories of how you are applying the Slight Edge philosophy in YOUR life! Come back and let me know!!




When Monday is also re-entry day…

When Monday is also what I affectionately refer to as “re-entry” day…the day that I return to my “normal” life after a vacation…instead of Monday being a day of dread, it’s actually a day that makes me smile! I get to use this week to focus on creating the opportunity for MORE re-entry days in the future!! What could be better?

I’m so incredibly thankful and grateful for the opportunity to work a business that allows me the freedom to travel when and where I choose. This past weekend, my husband’s company participated in an annual event in Key West. The Key West Songwriters’ Festival. This is the second year I’ve been able to attend and I cringe to think of the years that I missed this because of the J.O.B. I had with end-of-month deadlines that forbade me to take any time off when the Festival was happening. I missed making many memories…let me correct that…I made memories alright…they are memories of stress, headaches, tension, isolation, frustration, etc.


These are the memories I’m making now!

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Living in flip-flops,


“Hug it Forward”

Good Friday is all about love. Jesus died on the cross because he loved us. It’s the PERFECT time to think about spreading the love.

Tomorrow, I’ll be giving out FREE HUGS to help spread the love and change the world for Hug it Forward. I’ll be at Highland Park Church’s “Easter Eggstravanganza” from 1-3pm. 5710 Knob Road, Nashville, TN. We’ll be doing some serious hugging!

For every hug we give and YOU register online, $1 will be raised to build bottle schools. How many hugs can I give?? Can I hug 200 people???

If you are not in Nashville, you can still participate. I’ve included an image of the Hug Bucks I’ll be giving away tomorrow. Consider yourself virtually hugged by me…because after all, if you were here or I were there, I WOULD hug you!!

Hug Buck

You can use your smartphone to capture the QR code which will take you to the registration page – it’ll ask you if you were hugged by Jan Orga – enter your zip code – and click the link to register your hug – that’s it!! You MUST register the hug for the sponsors to donate the REAL MOOH-LAH!!  Next time I see you – I WILL hug you in person!!

OR simply go to and register as hugged by “spiritofyolo” and enter your zip – fill out the register the hug area – it’s that easy!!

Please….HUG ME!!! Watch this video about how YOUR hug WILL help change the world!!

With ((((hugs)))) and the Spirit of YOLO!

We only get to play this game once…

Are you doing what you love? I love the way Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk) puts it:

We only get to play this game one time. We’ve got one life!

Takes me back to the reason I named this blog the Spirit of YOLO! Because You Only Live Once.

For some more motivation and words of wisdom watch this TED talk with Gary…



A dose of positivity!

I’ve been horribly neglectful of my blog, my exercise, my “self” in the past few weeks. I’m working a couple of consulting jobs in the real estate world and suddenly have been busier than usual. As I was searching for my “center”, my guidance, I found this lovely reminder in my email in-box today…

In the words of Rich German:

I’ve observed recently that as the world has gotten more difficult for people, they have lost touch with some basic truths that could improve their lives.

Concepts like:

Everything is possible, nothing is impossible.

There are no limits.

Whatever you can dream of can be yours.

And my favorite… The life you want, wants you!

I came across this short, inspirational video which serves as a fabulous reminder of what is possible for you when you remember how powerful you actually are!

Have a look…

I was definitely inspired! Thanks Rich for the gentle reminder, just when I needed it…that “the life I want…wants me”!

Now I challenge you, my friends…spread the inspiration! We can all use a dose of positivity!



It’s President’s Day…Who’s Really in Charge?

This article was in my mailbox today as part of the Jim Rohn newsletter I’m subscribed to. I find the message very timely. I hope it makes you think and energized YOU as it did me!

Who Is Really in Charge? by Jim Rohn

(Editor’s note: Today in the United States, we celebrate President’s Day, in recognition of the February birthdates of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The article which follows is excerpted from an essay Jim Rohn wrote after a U.S. Presidential election.)

Every four years we Americans participate in this grand experiment called America and we elect a president to lead us. That of course spurs lots of different opinions and positions and people can become emotionally involved with the outcome.

One thing that I always find fascinating in all elections, but especially the presidential elections, are the many promises that candidates make to the electorate. They promise to make the economy better and to make health care more affordable for the masses. They promise to make the taxes better and to create jobs.

As I think about this, I want to challenge you to consider that while presidents may have a general effect on your circumstances, they do not have a specific effect on your circumstances. Let me explain: While they may play a role in what direction the stock market goes, they do not have an effect on how an individual stock goes, or on whether or not you can make money in the stock market. So, while we certainly should vote and participate in the process, we must understand that no single person—other than you—will have an effect on what your individual life outcome is.

Let me give you some more examples:

A president may promise a better economy, but you determine your economy. They may affect whether the dollar gains strength or loses it, but you determine what your financial position is going to be. The fact is that even in the worst economies, including recessions and depressions, there are those who will continue to thrive and even become extremely wealthy. In the Great Depression, there were countless people who, because of their individual efforts, became millionaires. So, no matter what the economy is nationally, you can become wealthy in the next four years. You don’t have to wait for anyone.

A president may promise to create jobs, but the only person who is going to create YOUR job is you! You determine whether or not you have a job. The president doesn’t, the economy doesn’t, and the industry doesn’t. No matter how bad things get, there are always those who have good-paying jobs. You choose what kind of person you will be, and how valuable you will make yourself to the marketplace, and thus, what kind of job you will have. So, no matter what the job situation is nationally, you can have any job you want in the next four years. You don’t have to wait for anyone.

A president may promise to do something about taxes, but no matter what the tax rate is, you can still build your personal wealth. Much of my wealth came to me when we still had extremely exorbitant tax rates. I have often said that if you want to be a millionaire and the tax rate is 50%, then just make two million. You determine how much you will have left after taxes, not the government. If you don’t like what you have left, make more. Now, am I saying we shouldn’t work to lower tax rates? No, but I am saying that we can be in control of our own lives regardless of the tax rate. So, no matter what the tax rate is, you can earn more money in the next four years. You don’t have to wait for anyone.

A president may promise to make your health care available to you, but you can make health care available to yourself! It isn’t that people can’t afford it. It is that you can’t afford it. What is the answer to that? The empowering answer is to do what it takes to put yourself in a financial and career situation wherein it doesn’t matter what the cost is, because you can afford it. Again, I am not saying that we shouldn’t work to make health care affordable for people, but when you leave it in the hands of someone else, then you make yourself dependent upon them, rather than becoming independent.

The fact is that you control your life. You control your destiny. You chart your course. Those we elect are not the givers of our financial lives. I sometimes think that many people think that if we can just get the “right” person elected, then their lives will suddenly take a turn for the better. Not true. You determine the outcome of your life.

Fortunes will be made in the next four years, no matter what. Some people will join the ranks of millionaires. That is amazing. The only question you have to ask is whether or not you will be one of them. People with high skills will always be in demand for high-paying jobs. People who have a superb product or service to offer will always be in demand.

Did you vote? That’s great—we should as our civic duty. But the most important thing is not whether your candidate won or lost, but what kind of decision you will make about your own life, your own career, and your own financial situation, no matter who is in office.

Do that, and the world is yours for the taking.


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Office Day(s)

I finally getting serious about this home business thing and in the mean-time I’m also doing some office assistant consulting/independent contractor work for a couple of awesome Realtors.

What does that REALLY mean? Well…it means that I’m EMBRACING the self-employed side of me.

That leads to the necessity of some good accounting systems to track money IN and money out (focus is purposefully on the IN side of the equation).

I’m running across some great tools that I’ll be sharing in tomorrow’s post.

For now…it’s (home) office work for me!



Miss Angel’s 12th Birthday Celebration

Today is our family dog, Miss Angel’s 12’th birthday. She is truly a member of our family. She’s lived with a cat, a rescued Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Black Lab and always is the Queen Dog.

No she’s not well trained…we love her anyway. She clearly is the alpha dog/person in the house. She does what she wants to do, when she wants to do it. She’s so cute and cuddly that we’ve allowed her to get away with it and there is definitely no changing her now. Clearly, she’s smarter than we are and she has US very well trained.

I swear she speaks English and doesn’t respond or not respond based on the tone of my voice. I don’t care what the trainers say…I KNOW she KNOWS exactly what I’m saying.

She’s a gum thief…so don’t leave any in a purse, backpack, suitcase, jacket pocket or anywhere for that matter that she can reach. She can and WILL get it and eat the entire package when you aren’t looking. She’s smart enough to try and hide the evidence…key word being try! I’ve even found my purse behind the couch where she dragged it and unzipped it to get the gum. Yes…she’s that clever and agile.

We’ve many stories of her stealing food…the most fun ones involve the accomplice of our cat, Lucky Lady (who is no longer alive). Probably the most notorious story is known as the Thanksgiving chocolate cake incident. We had many people over that particular Thanksgiving Day; much food was left over after the feast…including an entire chocolate cake. The cake was on the sideboard in the dining room…Angel could not reach it. (Though she’s been found atop the dining room table if someone left a chair pulled away and she thought there was food to steal.) The cake CRUMBS were discovered under the dining room table and strewn about the dining room. Since there were no witnesses and Lucky and Angel both had guilty chocolate stains on their faces…we can only surmise that Lucky jumped onto the sideboard and knocked the cake to the floor…where she then shared it with Angel. I know…chocolate is lethal for dogs/cats…they both survived the incident as it was years ago. Angel did suffer extreme stomach upset in the hours following…I hope it was worth it to her…it certainly wasn’t to me!

Tonight I made Angel some homemade dog treats for her birthday. Peanut Butter Puppy Poppers. If you like to pamper your pets with homemade treats the recipe link is at the end of this post. There were many treats to choose from!

Then she and I had an impromptu party. She doesn’t play for extended periods like she did when she was younger, but she sure enjoyed the bubbles tonight. She ate her cookie and promptly took a nap after her photo session. Birthdays only come once a year – time to celebrate!

First the Birthday Party game: Bubbles!

Then the photo shoot:

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PS – No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post…humiliated maybe…harmed…never!

Recipe: Peanut Butter Puppy Poppers


Funky Guitar

Fun night with my daughter tonight at Sips n Strokes! You choose your class from a calendar with different paintings offered. Bring your favorite drink, receive your blank canvas when you check in…then follow along with the instructors! The painting you create is yours to take home that evening!

Here is the progress of our “funky guitars” from blank canvas to finished product.