God Bless America

England cannot definitively determine a date of origin. It is simply too long ago.

China struggles with the same problem. It was developed long before history was seriously documented.

But we are extremely fortunate to know EXACTLY when our land truly became a country…July 4, 1776

~George Will

Happy Birthday, America!! I’m proud to be an American!!




It’s MY Life!

I was inspired this weekend by some tremendous leaders. Bottom line…this is the one and only life I have to live. How do I want to live it? What legacy do I want to leave when I’m gone?

This very page is named by my intention to live MY life with what I call the Spirit of YOLO – because we…I…YOU only live ONCE!

Music inspires me…the event on Saturday closed out with this song…PERFECT…these lyrics say it all!

I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd…

You’re gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud…

It’s my life, it’s now or never…I ain’t gonna live forever…

I just want to live while I’m ALIVE

It’s my life!



The “music” of the cicadas…

This post is for my friends who do NOT have the pleasure of understanding the sound we are experiencing with the Cicada Invasion of May 2011. The video is about 3 minutes. The “sizzling” sound while Angel is playing with a cicada, almost sounds like “white noise” IS the “music” created by the masses of cicadas. Stay with the video as I move under a tree where it’s a little more pronounced. Watch closely against the sky and you’ll see a few flying around. There are literally thousands in the trees.

For more about the cicada’s – check out this site: http://cicadainvasion.blogspot.com/








“Hug it Forward”

Good Friday is all about love. Jesus died on the cross because he loved us. It’s the PERFECT time to think about spreading the love.

Tomorrow, I’ll be giving out FREE HUGS to help spread the love and change the world for Hug it Forward. I’ll be at Highland Park Church’s “Easter Eggstravanganza” from 1-3pm. 5710 Knob Road, Nashville, TN. We’ll be doing some serious hugging!

For every hug we give and YOU register online, $1 will be raised to build bottle schools. How many hugs can I give?? Can I hug 200 people???

If you are not in Nashville, you can still participate. I’ve included an image of the Hug Bucks I’ll be giving away tomorrow. Consider yourself virtually hugged by me…because after all, if you were here or I were there, I WOULD hug you!!

Hug Buck

You can use your smartphone to capture the QR code which will take you to the registration page – it’ll ask you if you were hugged by Jan Orga – enter your zip code – and click the link to register your hug – that’s it!! You MUST register the hug for the sponsors to donate the REAL MOOH-LAH!!  Next time I see you – I WILL hug you in person!!

OR simply go to http://hugitforward.com and register as hugged by “spiritofyolo” and enter your zip – fill out the register the hug area – it’s that easy!!

Please….HUG ME!!! Watch this video about how YOUR hug WILL help change the world!!

With ((((hugs)))) and the Spirit of YOLO!

We only get to play this game once…

Are you doing what you love? I love the way Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk) puts it:

We only get to play this game one time. We’ve got one life!

Takes me back to the reason I named this blog the Spirit of YOLO! Because You Only Live Once.

For some more motivation and words of wisdom watch this TED talk with Gary…



A dose of positivity!

I’ve been horribly neglectful of my blog, my exercise, my “self” in the past few weeks. I’m working a couple of consulting jobs in the real estate world and suddenly have been busier than usual. As I was searching for my “center”, my guidance, I found this lovely reminder in my email in-box today…

In the words of Rich German:

I’ve observed recently that as the world has gotten more difficult for people, they have lost touch with some basic truths that could improve their lives.

Concepts like:

Everything is possible, nothing is impossible.

There are no limits.

Whatever you can dream of can be yours.

And my favorite… The life you want, wants you!

I came across this short, inspirational video which serves as a fabulous reminder of what is possible for you when you remember how powerful you actually are!

Have a look…

I was definitely inspired! Thanks Rich for the gentle reminder, just when I needed it…that “the life I want…wants me”!

Now I challenge you, my friends…spread the inspiration! We can all use a dose of positivity!



Will Smith Words of Wisdom

I just don’t get tired of listening to this guy! I love where he “is” in his life and how he is able to verbalize it!

My takeaways:

  • There’s a redemptive power to making a choice.
  • Just make a choice.
  • Decide.
  • From that point on the universe will get out of your way.
  • I can create whatever I want to create.

It’s time. Make choice. Decide. What do you want with the rest of your life. It begins today!





Distractions? Where’s your margin?

I stumbled across this video by John Assaraf someone shared on facebook…he reinforces some of the issues we are learning about with regards to “margin”.

What are YOU allowing to become a distraction? I’m clearing some of mine away this afternoon!