Create a vision for your life NOW, don’t wait!

Does that sound urgent? It should!

There are now ONLY 100 days left until the END of the year! Where has the time gone? How is your progress towards achieving the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?

Honestly…my goals have changed and morphed much this year and I’m perfectly OK with that! It’s called LIFE!

We should all be fluid enough to allow ourselves to change our goals as needed without feeling guilty or like we have failed. They are goals…they can be and often are MOVING targets. The important thing is to keep your goals in FRONT of you and revisit them OFTEN. When you see your life taking a path away from your goals, either act purposefully to get back on track OR create a NEW vision and path. The point is to be aware and act with purpose.

I’ve had enough changes in direction that I’m going to re-visit and revise my vision board. Here’s a great video by Dr. Josh Axe to walk you through the process.

I challenge you to revisit your own vision board, revise it if necessary…if you DON’T have a vision board, I challenge you to CREATE one! You can use poster board, pictures cut out of magazines and a glue stick.

I’ll post pics of mine after I revise it…I’d love to see pictures of yours! Share them on my fb wall: spiritofyolo

My “main” attack goals are to 1) incorporate more organic foods into my diet, 2) meditate/exercise daily and 3) to spend one dinner per week with my entire family!

Leave a comment of a goal you plan to attack in the last 100 days of 2011. Now what are you waiting for? Go create a VISION for your LIFE!




January 1st – 01/01/11 – A Time for New Beginnings

I read somewhere today that everything begins at “1” – and since today is 1/1/11, it’s fitting that we look forward to the new beginnings that a new year affords us.

Look back at all you accomplished in the “old” year with gratitude and look FORWARD to the OPPORTUNITIES that lie ahead.

Finding HAPPINESS is a matter of choice, not chance.  ~anonymous

My husband, Rich and I spent part of the weekend working on goals for 2011. It’s the first time we’ve actually sat down and done this exercise together. Lucky for us – we were pretty much on the same page already with goals that are related to our family.

I found a pretty cool and simple site to help discern your goals and priorities and track them. Check it out.

Lululemon Goals

MJ Durkin from the Prospecting Cafe gives good advice in today’s “daily quote”.

“A new beginning, a fresh start – a new selling year! Turn towards your desires. Desire drives everything in your sales career. Are you clear abou the things you want in the coming year? The newness and the essence of the beginning of the year causes you to focus on getting clarity around the things, experiences and relationships that you wish for. It’s okay to want things! Unleash your imagination and let it go wild with desire! The profession of sales is the one place where your income actually has a chance to catch up with your desire.”

Excerpted from MJ Durkin’s book “Selling from the Heart”

After filling out my goals on the Lululemon site, I found a vision board site on to create a visual. Check it out here: O Dream Board

And here’s MY Dream Board to being 2011:

Now it’s time for YOU to create YOUR vision for 2011. Dream BIG!

Live with the Spirit of YOLO – You Only Live Once!! Live with Passion!