Approach Life with ThanksGIVING so You Are ThanksLIVING!

Last Sunday our Pastor, Dale Robble at Highland Park Church delivered a wonderful message in which he introduced me to the term “thanksliving”. As always, he closed the service with a prayer.  These words struck me AND stuck with me through the week…

Lord, help me to live a life of Thanks”giving” so I can begin a life of Thanks”living”. ~Dale Robble

I decided to approach this entire week with gratitude and thanksgiving. I invited my connections: family, friends, fb friends, twitter friends to send me single words that expressed gratitude and/or thanksgiving.

I then entered each of the words, individually, each time it was submitted into a text document and created a word cloud. The word cloud gives prominence to the words in relation to the frequency in which they were used. It’s very interesting to see the themes!

Can you find your word(s)?  Enjoy.


I wish you each a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you begin a life of ThanksLIVING!



PS – want to include more words? Send them to me and I’ll do an updated version! Be blessed.

Reference: Highland Park Church, Podcast Nov. 22, 2010: How to Live a Blessed Life