#30DOT Project Complete…New Awareness


20131201-124722.jpgOn this first day of December, I am spending time reflecting on the #30DOT (30 Days of Thankful) project I engaged in during the month of November. With the Thanksgiving Holiday in November, a time when we Americans typically spend time expressing gratitude for our blessings, it lends itself to the perfect time for a thanks”giving” project.

My Facebook feed had several people engaging in a similar project and more than a handful of naysayers. Without giving attention to the negativity I continued on my path. It is said it takes at least 21 days to create a habit. I can’t imagine anything bad coming from a habit of thankfulness and gratitude. Some days I chose to post my thanksgivings to Facebook and Twitter and other days they were private.

What I DID notice…was a definite increased awareness of the goodness and beauty in my life. I found myself, with this increased awareness, thinking positive thoughts much more frequently. And when the “turkey’s” in my life threatened to pull me down…and yes…I have some in my life, I simply found a moment of awareness and realization that even the negative serves to confirm that I am ALIVE! And then…BAM!! I was hit with thanks”giving” and gratitude once again.

I am thankful I challenged myself with this project. I am thankful I grew during this project. If you’ve never done a similar project I challenge you to try it. Living a life of gratitude and thanksgiving forces me to focus on the positive and that can only be a good thing.

YOLO! -Jan


ThanksLIVING Weekend Family Fun

It’s Sunday night of Thanksgiving/Thanksliving weekend 2010. We had SUCH a good time with family and friends over the past few days!

Our ThanksLIVING weekend began with a celebration of Meghan’s 25th birthday. (This is probably the LAST year she’ll allow me to publish her age, haha). We went to dinner at Cantina Laredo; we enjoyed margarita’s, great food (you MUST begin dinner with the guacamole) and FUN, FUNNY company! Richard and I love to hear the kids laugh…it doesn’t matter how old they get…their laughter is music to our ears and hearts!

On Thanksgiving Day, Meg and Gilbert ran the Boulevard Bolt which is a Thanksgiving tradition in Nashville and raises money for Nashville’s homeless community. Rich went to brave the crowds (this was the largest year ever!) in hopes of finding Meghan to snap a picture as she crossed the finish line. I was home cooking turkey and preparing for our dinner later that day. Rich did indeed find Meghan, running amidst Santa, reindeer and Elvis!

For Thanksgiving dinner we had a total of 10 people. We were having so much fun, we neglected to take any pictures! We sure enjoyed the company and I was thankful we were able to provide Thanksgiving dinner for a few friends who otherwise would have been alone. THAT is what Thanksgiving is about to me. I am very thankful for my family, immediate and extended (distant in miles but not in heart!) and friends.

Friday and Saturday we watched college football, football and MORE football…cheering on Meg’s alma mater TCU! Our beloved Horned Frogs are currently ranked #3 in the BCS standings…we are hopeful for a great bowl game this year! Saturday night we had a nice fire in our outdoor fire pit. It was a brisk, clear night…PERFECT for making s’mores!

Today, we visited Arrington Vineyards for their open house. We enjoyed a tour of the winery, including a behind the scenes tour of the winemaking process (fascinating!), live music, wine tasting and beautiful scenery! It was a great day to cap off the holiday weekend.

Photos of all events follow….enjoy!

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“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Remember gratitude is a verb…live it and you begin living a life of thanksLIVING! Are YOU living a life of thanksliving?

In gratitude for my abundant blessings,


…living with the spirit of YOLO

Jan Orga

Approach Life with ThanksGIVING so You Are ThanksLIVING!

Last Sunday our Pastor, Dale Robble at Highland Park Church delivered a wonderful message in which he introduced me to the term “thanksliving”. As always, he closed the service with a prayer.  These words struck me AND stuck with me through the week…

Lord, help me to live a life of Thanks”giving” so I can begin a life of Thanks”living”. ~Dale Robble

I decided to approach this entire week with gratitude and thanksgiving. I invited my connections: family, friends, fb friends, twitter friends to send me single words that expressed gratitude and/or thanksgiving.

I then entered each of the words, individually, each time it was submitted into a text document and created a word cloud. The word cloud gives prominence to the words in relation to the frequency in which they were used. It’s very interesting to see the themes!

Can you find your word(s)?  Enjoy.


I wish you each a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you begin a life of ThanksLIVING!



PS – want to include more words? Send them to me and I’ll do an updated version! Be blessed.

Reference: Highland Park Church, Podcast Nov. 22, 2010: How to Live a Blessed Life