Office Day(s)

I finally getting serious about this home business thing and in the mean-time I’m also doing some office assistant consulting/independent contractor work for a couple of awesome Realtors.

What does that REALLY mean? Well…it means that I’m EMBRACING the self-employed side of me.

That leads to the necessity of some good accounting systems to track money IN and money out (focus is purposefully on the IN side of the equation).

I’m running across some great tools that I’ll be sharing in tomorrow’s post.

For now…it’s (home) office work for me!




P90X Day 3 is in the books! It’s ALL about a Decision, a Commitment and a System

According to the Merriam-Webster online Dictionary – one definition of a decision is “a determination arrived at after consideration”. a commitment is “something pledged”. 

My DECISION and COMMITMENT to get healthier and more physically fit have led me to P90X for the next 90 days. I am positive that the benefits of being healthier and fitter will translate far beyond just my physical well-being. 

To be successful in a business venture you must DECIDE, COMMIT and have SYSTEMS in place for ACTION. This week I am focusing on implementing those very same elements in the health related areas of my life: exercise and nutrition. 

I’m actually having fun exploring food options with a focus on eating REAL foods and knowing what is going into my meals. I’ve had questions from friends about what I’m eating so I thought I’d share my dinner tonight with you!

Shrimp Pasta Pomodoro – Recipe P90X, Level 1 in the Nutrition Guide

I started with fresh ingredients carefully measured for accuracy (system). I hope that as I “retrain” my brain as to appropriate portion sizes eventually I won’t have to be so exacting. 

I’m also learning to do my measuring, chopping, dicing, etc in advance of actually putting the dish together (system). Thank you FoodNetwork

Fresh Shrimp, cleaned and ready to go. Weighed to ensure a 6 oz portion. This photo is 2 portions. 

Whole wheat pasta – measured out for a 2 oz single serving.

TADA! The PERFECT and yummy 531 calorie portion! 

Changing behavior to create a new habit is all about making that DECISION and then COMMITTING to it. The SYSTEMS come in place to help ensure SUCCESS. I believe these elements must be present in any endeavor in which you intend to succeed. 

I fully intend to be successful with this venture into improving my health and fitness. I am also applying these same elements towards building my home business. I’ll be blogging about that as well. 

Enough for tonight – I’m a tired puppy after my workout today. Time to chill and recharge my batteries! Until next time…



Jan Orga