How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?

Many people are snowed in today across the south and other parts of the country. I’m in Nashville and my yard has 3-4 inches of the white stuff depending on where you measure. I’m hearing reports of 3-10+ inches south of us, into Alabama and Mississippi. Another storm is due to come through tonight and will bring even more snow.

So…how do YOU stay entertained when you are snowed in at home…NOT at a vacation destination.

I’m sitting by the fireplace – reading, catching up on emails, checking facebook, writing this blog, etc. I’m also enjoying the view in our back patio area of the many birds flocking to the bird feeder my husband is keeping filled. My kids are going to “tease” me for being “old” by enjoying the birds…who cares! It’s fun watching them around the feeder and on the ground trying to find some food. The bright red cardinals are STUNNING against the white background of snow. It’s much more entertaining than watching the people flocking to Whole Foods and Kroger looking for food yesterday!

My husband and son are home as well; they are watching movies, Rich is doing some computer work; basically they are relaxing. Which is a good thing. They both deserve it.

I’d love to hear how YOU stay entertained when you are snowed in!

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