Happy November! Travel Question Answered…

Happy November!

A new day….a new week…a new month! All things begin again! 

Yesterday I completed week 1 of the P90X program – it is kicking my tail!! The workouts are really hard, however, I’m learning to pace myself and just to keep moving, even if I can’t do what the people on the video are doing. Managing my food is even harder from the standpoint of using lots of mental energy! I trust that part will get easier with time. It’s all about planning. 

So it is on to week 2! My motivation is strong…gotta look good for the BAHAMA’s!!

I’m very excited about the $49 CRUISE we are going on in January…the timing is PERFECT!!! When it’s cold and gloomy in TN – we are going to have the awesome experience of cruising to the Bahamas!! Can’t get much better than that!!

Love working on my to-do list….Passport…research shore excursions…etc!! Again…planning!! 

I’ve had quite a few friends ask about how we “found” a $49 cruise…and how they can partake as well…it was offered as part of the awesome Travel Club that we joined. The cruise sold out in less than an hour…they are working on putting another very affordable cruise together and you’ve got to be able to move quickly!

YOU can join our club too – watch this quick video for details! Click HERE.

Call me or message me after you’ve watched it…I will sweeten the pot for a short time only! We’ve got to talk for the details!! 

Come cruise with me!!

….I’ll be the one in flip-flops!  

Jan Orga

You Only Live Once – Live with Passion! 

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P90X Day 3 is in the books! It’s ALL about a Decision, a Commitment and a System

According to the Merriam-Webster online Dictionary – one definition of a decision is “a determination arrived at after consideration”. a commitment is “something pledged”. 

My DECISION and COMMITMENT to get healthier and more physically fit have led me to P90X for the next 90 days. I am positive that the benefits of being healthier and fitter will translate far beyond just my physical well-being. 

To be successful in a business venture you must DECIDE, COMMIT and have SYSTEMS in place for ACTION. This week I am focusing on implementing those very same elements in the health related areas of my life: exercise and nutrition. 

I’m actually having fun exploring food options with a focus on eating REAL foods and knowing what is going into my meals. I’ve had questions from friends about what I’m eating so I thought I’d share my dinner tonight with you!

Shrimp Pasta Pomodoro – Recipe P90X, Level 1 in the Nutrition Guide

I started with fresh ingredients carefully measured for accuracy (system). I hope that as I “retrain” my brain as to appropriate portion sizes eventually I won’t have to be so exacting. 

I’m also learning to do my measuring, chopping, dicing, etc in advance of actually putting the dish together (system). Thank you FoodNetwork

Fresh Shrimp, cleaned and ready to go. Weighed to ensure a 6 oz portion. This photo is 2 portions. 

Whole wheat pasta – measured out for a 2 oz single serving.

TADA! The PERFECT and yummy 531 calorie portion! 

Changing behavior to create a new habit is all about making that DECISION and then COMMITTING to it. The SYSTEMS come in place to help ensure SUCCESS. I believe these elements must be present in any endeavor in which you intend to succeed. 

I fully intend to be successful with this venture into improving my health and fitness. I am also applying these same elements towards building my home business. I’ll be blogging about that as well. 

Enough for tonight – I’m a tired puppy after my workout today. Time to chill and recharge my batteries! Until next time…



Jan Orga

It’s ON (originally posted elsewhere on 10/24/10)

P90X starts tomorrow! Day 1 and I’ll be pushing play!!

I started P90X once before and did not stick with it. It’s hard. Really hard.

And I’m sick and tired of feeling tired and achy. No one can fix this but me. I didn’t get into this shape overnight and it’s not going to be an overnight fix.

I’ve been saying that I’m in a season of reinvention. Well…it’s time to step up the game…and TRUELY reinvent myself. I’ve DECIDED..I’m COMMITTED and I WILL SUCCEED!!

Monday, October 25th is THE DAY! The first day of the rest of my life!!

I will be blogging here on and my main blog – Spirit of YOLO – You Only Live Once.

It’s time for me to put my ACTIONS where my MOUTH is!

In my initial blog post about a year ago, I wrote about the Spirit of YOLO. And wanting to live a life on purpose:

I was inspired by the Aloha Spirit and what it stands for. Most people readily know it as a greeting used in Hawaii for both “Hello” and “Goodbye”.

The Aloha Spirit is a well known reference to the attitude of friendly acceptance for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous. However, it also refers to a powerful way to resolve any problem, accomplish any goal, and also to achieve any state of mind or body that you desire.       ~ The Aloha Spirit

I am most happy when I am blessing others. Blessing may take on many forms…it might be done with words, with actions, with financial support, with admiration, emotional support, love, friendship, happiness, peace, gratitude and so on.

SO…the Spirit of YOLO was born.

I will live my life with the purposeful intention of blessing others. I will live my life with PASSION!

You can read the full blog post here: http://spiritofyolo.posterous.com/live-with-passionyou-only-live-once

Bottom line…I’m not in any SHAPE to bless others until I BLESS myself first!!

I’m looking forward to this journey. Feel free to join me!




Day 1 P90X, October 25th, 2010

(originally posted on 10/25/2010 on teambeachbody.com/janorga site. I’m moving all posts to this blog and will simply blog here. The Spirit of YOLO is an appropriate place to record my health improvement journey which will translate to improving my ability to be an influencer in this world. I choose to live with the Spirit of YOLO and that requires me being at my best!)

Day 1…of the first day of the rest of my life!

I was a good girl and gathered all of the necessary tools to make sure I had a successful P90X workout session with minimal distractions.

  • computer to “push play”
  • clipboard with workout sheets to record my successes
  • resistance band and door – “thingamajiggy”
  • small towel to deal with all the sweat I’d be producing
  • large glass of water for breaks
  • wearing comfortable workout clothes
  • chair

Then it was time to “push play”! And so I did!

Even though this was the first time I’d actually done the program at MY “full out” ability – I still had to stop, pause and rewind a few times to make sure I had the form of my body correct. Hard to do without a full length mirror – might have to invest in one…

I was a gymnast, cheerleader and ran track in high school…that, however was many, many, MANY moons ago! The problem is – my mind BELIEVES I can do certain things that my body simply screams back a loud NO – WE NO LONGER MOVE THAT WAY!

So…I did what I could…pushed myself to do just one or two more reps…and confirmed that I am so, so weak!! I’m determined to stick with this program, avoiding injury, so I’m trying to be good at pacing myself and still pushing myself go that little extra.

Bottom line – I accomplished every set EXCEPT the second set of the diamond push ups. I took a solid break on that one. I didn’t do even close to the # of reps that Tony et al do on the DVD – that’s ok with me…I’ll be looking for steady improvement of my abilities.

Now the ab ripper is another story – I “attempted” every exercise and found myself laughing at/with myself at my total lack of ability. I clearly no longer even have what you would call abs…I’ve got oatmeal. A big pile of lumpy oatmeal! When I couldn’t do the exercise they were doing – I substituted with crunches that I could do. Again…the plan is that I’ll see improvement in weeks to come.

My workout began at 10am this morning. It’s now nearly 8pm. I’m beginning to get a little sore and am stiff when getting up from sitting AND I think I’ll sleep well tonight!

I’m also following the nutrition plan. I spent a great deal of mental energy on preparing foods and making sure to actually eat throughout the day. It’s definitely easy for me to skip meals. I’ve gotta break that habit!

I’m in a bit of a quandry about how many calories should be my max per day. I’ve read anywhere from 1300 – 1500. I’ll definitely try to stay in that range. So far I’ve taken in 1179 calories today..guess I should find a decent snack before bed.




The first day of the rest of my life…

The first day of the rest of my life…

Monday, Oct 25th, is the day I implement the program that is going to change my life! I’m starting P90X!!

If you haven’t heard of it – P90X is home workout program that is creating MASSIVE results for people! I AM going to be one of the SUCCESS stories! Here’s a video that explains it if you’re curious…P90X Video

I’ll be blogging about my feelings, progress, etc. on my Team BeachBody site. Click HERE to follow me. The blog is on the top right section. I’ll be transparent and authentic. I’m not promising it’s going to be pretty…but I guarantee, it will be REAL! 

In my first Spirit of YOLO blog, I wrote about wanting to be an inspiration and a blessing to others. I’ve learned that I can’t do that effectively unless I’m loving and blessing myself first. This is a step in that direction. 

I would love to interact with anyone who’s interested during this process. You can join me on Team BeachBody for FREE. Come and work out with me. Let’s get our New Year’s Resolutions well under way BEFORE the New Year!! 

My goals in life are BIG. If you’ve read my blog before, you know the beach…almost ANY beach…has a special place in my soul. I don’t think I found Team BeachBody by mistake – haha! 

You already know I love to live life in flip-flops…now I’m creating the beach body to go with them! 


Jan Orga

You Only Live Once – Live with Passion! 

twitter: @spiritofyolo