Memorial Day 2015

Middle TN Veterans Cemetery

Middle TN Veterans Cemetery, May 24, 2015

Growing up as the daughter of a career US Army Officer…military holidays were marked with much pomp and circumstance. Depending on the event there would be parades, ceremonies, wreath laying, reading of names, the playing of taps, demonstrations by the soldiers, flyovers, military band concerts, etc. We always were immersed in the true meaning of the holiday. I thought everyone lived that way.

As an adult living in the civilian world, I find that it’s easy for us to “forget” why we have this long weekend. We are bombarded with retail sales events, as the unofficial start to summer – people head to the beach or the lake, there are many outdoor family gatherings and BBQ’s. We need to be intentional about remembering and honoring the reason for this extra day off.

Memorial Day is about remembering and honoring those who died for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States of America. I hope each and every American will pause and reflect on this at some point today. And be grateful.

My husband and I drove out to the Middle Tennessee Veterans Cemetery yesterday. It’s a beautiful, serene setting in the rolling hills of TN. We happened to arrive while a Memorial Day Ceremony was happening at the main buildings. We drove through the cemetery in peace and quiet, marveling at the beauty of the American flags adorning each and every grave. The main thoroughfare had larger flags waving in the breeze. It was a beautiful, yet somber sight. Families were visiting individual graves. Some of those graves are fresh. The reason for the holiday was abundantly clear. Some gave all. Some didn’t come home.


It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.   ~ General George S. Patton

May God Bless America!




(Blogging) Focus in the New Year

So…I’ve beat myself up pretty badly in the past for struggling with this blogging thing.

The “experts” all say things like:

  • maintain a consistent theme/topic
  • blog regularly and consistently
  • know your audience
  • keep your posts relevant

Honestly, I struggle with all of these…at least, I THOUGHT I struggled with all of these.

In reality, after much soul searching, I realized that I don’t struggle with these…I DO most of these…OK…I admit, I DO struggle with the regular and consistent thing.

I also realized that I AM blogging about MY life. Authentically and honestly.

  • Life after an unexpected job loss and the difficulty of finding a job in these uncertain times
  • Life as a budding entrepreneur…or am I?? Is that what I really want? Does it fit my life right now?
  • Life as a wife of 28 years to a husband who is beginning a new career himself
  • Life as a semi-empty nester mother of a 21 year old college student and 25 year old college graduate (they both “supposedly” live at home but we rarely see them)
  • Life as a woman who is searching to figure out who she is in this next phase of her life

I am hereby, releasing myself of ALL guilt for not meeting the standards of the “experts” and giving myself PERMISSION to blog as I see fit. I am confident there is material here that others, like me, will find useful, beneficial and interesting. If not, there are plenty of other blogs to read. (grin)

This blog is about my life. The twists, the turns, the changes. All of it. I am embracing whatever life brings me. I am intentionally finding the good in all of the changes. I am where I need to be. I will bless others with my life. I will leave a positive legacy.

I WILL blog about my life.

I WILL blog with consistency.

I WILL not worry about what the experts think.

I WILL live my life with the Spirit of YOLO.

I WILL live intentionally and purposefully.

I WILL be present in every moment.

I wish you blessings and peace in 2011. The number 11 has always been one of my favorite numbers. I’m looking forward to this being a great year!!

Peace and blessings.