First quarter of 2014 is in the books…

How did you do with your first quarter goals? As we begin the 2nd quarter of 2014, it is important to do a review of your accomplishmentsImage (or lack thereof) in the 1st quarter of the year; are you progressing towards your annual goals?

Historically, I set annual goals at the beginning of the year and like a lot of people I often fell short, even forgetting what my original goals were. Both personal and professional. It becomes too easy to just “wing it”…and at the end of the year you/I am often wondering…where did the time go??

Working at Keller Williams, years ago, I learned the value of setting annual goals broken down into monthly goals and further broken down into weekly goals. . This system, called the 4-1-1 (4 weeks, 1 month, 1 year) is one of the best systems I’ve used for keeping my focus on the big picture – my annual goals.

This year, I’ve added in a quarterly review; businesses (and a lot of schools) operate on quarters and this timeframe just makes sense to me. While this is still short term, it is a bigger chunk of time than the monthly review and gives me a slightly bigger picture of where I am on the road to my ultimate destination – my annual goals. I find it also holds me accountable so I don’t lose track of time and procrastinate thinking “I’ve got 9 months left to accomplish that”. The older I get the quicker time seems to fly by; I’m realizing the value of using this goal review period as a management tool of my time. Let me rephrase that…as a management tool of my LIFE!

You’ve heard it before: Plan – Do – Review – Adjust….repeat…

This would be a REVIEW session:

Don’t forget to WRITE IT ALL DOWN!

  1. Review. Look back at the past 3 months. What did you accomplish? Did you progress toward your goals? What did you do to work towards your goals? What worked and what didn’t?
  2. Evaluate. How can you change things to improve progress? Do you need to bring yourself back on track? Are you happy with your progress and just need to stay the course?
  3. Re-prioritize or verify your priorities.  Make your main focus the MAIN focus for the next 3 months. It’s ok to defer appropriate items to later in the year. Just make sure they are part of your next quarterly review.

Going through this process will help you REFOCUS! Remember – just like your mother used to tell you – you can do anything you want and DECIDE to do! It will require action to make it happen. A goal without action is just a plan. You will never reach your goals without action.

This part is especially true for me: Get out of your own way. Take the actions that are necessary so your dreams can come true! Live with the spirit of YOLO!



If you want something…

“If you want something, go get it. Period.”

I absolutely love this video clip. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams.

In honor of Father’s Day – I’m sharing this clip of this wonderful advice given by a father to his young son.

We had an amazing Father’s Day here! First church, then lunch with our son, a wonderful phone call to my Dad, followed by dinner with our son, daughter and her fiancee. Our children claim they did NOT collaborate on gifts for their Dad; yet the gifts were perfect compliments to each other. An amazing coincidence? Or children who actually KNOW their dad? I choose to believe the latter. No matter what, the house was filled with smiles, laughter and love.

Richard has always been a dreamer and has followed his dreams without regret. I hope our children have learned the ability to do the same. Life is to short to do anything less. Enjoy.




Baby steps…consistent baby steps…

Yesterday I hosted my first ever “sponsor” table at a NEW networking event in Nashville.

The brain child of Barry Owen, founder and owner of Pareto Realty, LLC, the first annual Nashville Real Estate Consortium was born yesterday, May 5, 2011.

The theme of the event was “Leveraging Realtor & Local Business Relationships to Fortify Nashville, Tennessee’s Economy.” My business is travel…though I have been actively working with Realtors since 2002 as a Realtor myself and as an executive staff member for one of the largest and most productive offices in Nashville. So…I know a lot of Realtors.

My travel business has been languishing on the “back burner” as I decide who I am and what I want to do with the rest of my life. If you’ve been reading my blog…you know what I’m talking about…if not…the gist of it is…life happens, things change and it’s time for me to define a new path.

Travel is where I landed. I simple love to travel. It’s in my blood (I’m an Army brat – full fledged.) I love to meet new people and explore cultures around the world.

So…when the opportunity arose to participate in this new event, I jumped at it! I designed a slide-show of recent travel pictures and souveniers, including: Key West, Coastal Virginia, OBX NC, Park City, Utah, Logan Canyon, Utah, Panama City Beach, FL, Maui, HI, Italy and the Bahamas! There’s nothing like social proof, right!?

My goal was to use this opportunity to reconnect with “old” friends, make some new friends, expose people to my new business venture and have an open mind to learning in the process.

That goal was not only met – it was EXCEEDED! About 100 people attended, there were 35 topics to choose from to attend…and yes, sponsors were invited to attend the sessions…I attended 4 sessions and have identified several golden nuggets of new information that I’m applying to my business immediately. I connected with numerous people, some I’ve known for years, some I’ve interacted with on facebook for years and only just yesterday met in person and some that are brand new connections.

This was a wonderful way, ie. baby step, for me to get back out there in front of people, now as we all know…the fortune is in the follow up!!

Thank you Barry & Debbie Owen of Pareto Realty for this opportunity. Great job. Count me in for next year.

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When Monday is also re-entry day…

When Monday is also what I affectionately refer to as “re-entry” day…the day that I return to my “normal” life after a vacation…instead of Monday being a day of dread, it’s actually a day that makes me smile! I get to use this week to focus on creating the opportunity for MORE re-entry days in the future!! What could be better?

I’m so incredibly thankful and grateful for the opportunity to work a business that allows me the freedom to travel when and where I choose. This past weekend, my husband’s company participated in an annual event in Key West. The Key West Songwriters’ Festival. This is the second year I’ve been able to attend and I cringe to think of the years that I missed this because of the J.O.B. I had with end-of-month deadlines that forbade me to take any time off when the Festival was happening. I missed making many memories…let me correct that…I made memories alright…they are memories of stress, headaches, tension, isolation, frustration, etc.


These are the memories I’m making now!

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Living in flip-flops,


We only get to play this game once…

Are you doing what you love? I love the way Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk) puts it:

We only get to play this game one time. We’ve got one life!

Takes me back to the reason I named this blog the Spirit of YOLO! Because You Only Live Once.

For some more motivation and words of wisdom watch this TED talk with Gary…



Office Day(s)

I finally getting serious about this home business thing and in the mean-time I’m also doing some office assistant consulting/independent contractor work for a couple of awesome Realtors.

What does that REALLY mean? Well…it means that I’m EMBRACING the self-employed side of me.

That leads to the necessity of some good accounting systems to track money IN and money out (focus is purposefully on the IN side of the equation).

I’m running across some great tools that I’ll be sharing in tomorrow’s post.

For now…it’s (home) office work for me!



Distractions? Where’s your margin?

I stumbled across this video by John Assaraf someone shared on facebook…he reinforces some of the issues we are learning about with regards to “margin”.

What are YOU allowing to become a distraction? I’m clearing some of mine away this afternoon!



No One Can Whistle a Symphony…

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a WHOLE orchestra to play it. ~H.E. Luccock

The good news about building a relationship/network marketing/direct sales business is that while you are in business FOR yourself, you are not in business BY yourself. I believe the same applies in the real estate world as well…while each real estate agent is building his/her own business…unless they are a Broker, they are usually affiliated with a Real Estate Company & Broker…hence, in business FOR themselves, but not BY themselves.

For anyone just starting out…or relaunching their business it’s important to realize that success comes with consistent effort over time.


There is no such thing as “overnight success”…when you think you are witnessing an overnight success…you are actually witnessing the results of someone who has done the right things…over and over and over and over and over again. Success, in anything, requires consistent effort. No matter what.

Some keys to building your successful business:

  • Develop a team – big sales teams come from duplication. Develop a simple, duplicatable system. Ask at your company…they’ve probably already developed one and you just need to plug it in. Network marketing companies are all about duplication – I guarantee you there is a system. Ask. Keep it simple. Don’t try and do it better or reinvent the wheel. That’s a sure way to slow your efforts at success. Duplication is THE most critical factor in building a team.
  • Know the Basic Building Blocks – understand what the basic building blocks are for your business. In my business, it’s critical that I help new team members get 4 sales so their monthly service fees are waived. Forever. In your business it might mean it is essential to sign 5 listing agreements per month which translates into “x” number of contracts per month. Again, talk to your team leader, sponsor, mentor – find out what it is for your specific business.
  • Understand that YOU don’t have to know EVERYTHING! – this is KEY!! There is no “I” in team. Get yourself and your team members to team meetings, team trainings, regional and national training events. When you get your team members to training events you will multiply your business. Understand the business and training tools your company has available to you and then USE THEM!
  • Be a Product of your Product – Do you sell skincare products? Use them! Do you sell nutritional or fitness products? Use them! Are you a real estate agent? Do you own property yourself? Do you sell travel products (wink, wink) – TRAVEL!!!! You cannot be an effective ambassador for your products if you are not a product of your products. The stories you develop by using your products will enable you to be much more effective at selling your products. Facts tell – Stories SELL!

Keep it simple. Keep it duplicatable. Know your basic building blocks. Use your tools. Be a product of your product. Never quit.

Wishing you much success!



PS – the path to my dreams began HERE.

Closing Out the Year With Strength!

It’s the last day of November and aside from personal development and a few spotty phone sessions, I honestly haven’t done much to move my business forward.

Sad. True. Honest.

I still have THE dream. MY dream. I’m not sure what has been holding me back and I’m here to tell you the time has come to CRUSH whatever it is that has been holding me back!! I don’t need to name it – I just need to overcome it!

The universe is gently guiding me along my path of enlightenment. This quote was on my daily calendar yesterday:

It is what you do from now on that will either move our civilization FORWARD a few tiny steps, or else…begin to march us steadily backward. ~Patrick Stewart

The weekly call with our company last night was entitled: Holiday Game Plan. During the holidays people either POUR IT ON…OR…they unplug. Most unplug. Those that pour it on will get their unfair share of the business. And why not. They deserve to!

It’s important to not become not only a goal setter, it’s vital to become a GOAL ACHIEVER! To become a goal achiever requires action…back to the quote…what are you doing to move your business forward? If you’re not moving forward, even by tiny steps, you’re moving steadily backward.

The final nudge came this morning on facebook, where one of my mentors posted this video from the movie The Pursuit of Happyness.

Protect your dreams.

Work for your dreams.

“If you want something…go get it. Period.”

There are 32 days left in 2010. TODAY I’m realigning my goals with my beliefs. I am going to ROCK December…how about you? I’d love to hear your comments…leave them below!



PS – the path to my dreams begins HERE.