Woah – that was some break!

I knew it’d been quite a while since I posted on this blog. I even realized it’d been several months! What I did NOT realize until just now…was that it’s been FIVE (5)…MONTHS!! 

A lot has happened in my life. Shortly after my last post, I fell and broke my ankle. For a few weeks, life was a blur of pain, crutches, doctor visits, physical therapy visits, moon boot, eventually a modified work schedule and then even a complete job change. I still can’t do some of the things I used to do. I can’t work like I used to work. Range of motion in the ankle is better but is not back to the way it was. Life has definitely been altered. 

The good in it? You KNOW I had to look for the proverbial silver lining. I had some good, quality, quiet time to reflect on life and life’s priorities. My life. My priorities. I’m setting my sails. Embracing change. Loving my family. And above all, realizing that no matter what…God is indeed good…all the time. 



“Hug it Forward”

Good Friday is all about love. Jesus died on the cross because he loved us. It’s the PERFECT time to think about spreading the love.

Tomorrow, I’ll be giving out FREE HUGS to help spread the love and change the world for Hug it Forward. I’ll be at Highland Park Church’s “Easter Eggstravanganza” from 1-3pm. 5710 Knob Road, Nashville, TN. We’ll be doing some serious hugging!

For every hug we give and YOU register online, $1 will be raised to build bottle schools. How many hugs can I give?? Can I hug 200 people???

If you are not in Nashville, you can still participate. I’ve included an image of the Hug Bucks I’ll be giving away tomorrow. Consider yourself virtually hugged by me…because after all, if you were here or I were there, I WOULD hug you!!

Hug Buck

You can use your smartphone to capture the QR code which will take you to the registration page – it’ll ask you if you were hugged by Jan Orga – enter your zip code – and click the link to register your hug – that’s it!! You MUST register the hug for the sponsors to donate the REAL MOOH-LAH!!  Next time I see you – I WILL hug you in person!!

OR simply go to http://hugitforward.com and register as hugged by “spiritofyolo” and enter your zip – fill out the register the hug area – it’s that easy!!

Please….HUG ME!!! Watch this video about how YOUR hug WILL help change the world!!

With ((((hugs)))) and the Spirit of YOLO!