I’ll never forget…

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

I had just dropped my children off at school and was driving back home. Breaking news on the radio revealed a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center buildings. There was much confusion and speculation about the size of the plane, some thought it was a small plane and why? How? Was the plane having mechanical trouble and trying to make an emergency landing? Was there pilot error? What happened?

My husband, Rich, was watching the Today Show when I got home; I’ll never forget the feelings of shock and confusion as we listened to the news anchors trying to make sense of it all.

As we watched…we saw the second plane hit the second tower. In that moment…everything changed. It was clear this was now a terrorist attack.

My 11 year old son called from school asking about our family…was everyone safe…yes…we don’t have any family that lives in NY city. He did have friends with family members either traveling or living in the city. I was thankful the school allowed him to call and check. Clearly this was not something we could protect our children from learning about.

This morning I’m watching a documentary called “102 Minutes that Changed America”. The film is mostly amateur footage, taken live as the events unfolded. It is raw. We should all watch this every year.

You can watch it online here: 102 Minutes that Changed America  Another good site for information on History.com: 9/11 Attacks – 102 Minutes that Changed America


YOLO!  You (We) Only Live Once…let us live in peace.  May God bless America.