hump day…

On the downhill slide of hump day…and I’m a happy camper! 

Difficult night with senior dog = difficult night for humans. 

Difficult night = late start. 

Late start = everything pushed back. 

Honestly, all in all, it hasn’t been a bad day. I got some training in on being “intentional”. I need to implement that in my personal and business lives! 

I’ve spent this evening “intentionally” tweaking and improving this blog. I was FINALLY successful in making the change I wanted. Took a bit of research…but I didn’t give up! 

Now I’m going to “intentionally” pour a glass of wine and prep my calendar for tomorrow. 



One thought on “hump day…

  1. Intentional is great when it is directed at the positive or for improvement but remember everything has two sides so avoid the negative intntionals which can be hurtful to yourself or others. I know you do but just had to comment. As I’m prone to saying when trying to focus and be mindful on ways to improve myself, “don’t “should” on yourself in the process!!!!”

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