A little chicken drumstick…

Settling on a motivational topic to blog about today has been difficult. It’s 10:59 pm as I begin writing this…I’ve been pulled from one topic to another throughout the day…

And then…I saw a video posted by a friend on facebook. Memories came flooding back…I met this man…I believe it was 2009, probably Keller Williams MegaCamp in Austin. I was lucky enough to be in the audience and hear his story and teachings. What an inspiration. And then I had an opportunity meet this amazing man and hug him. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a hugger. I hope I never forget that memory.

Watch and be amazed…

As Nick says…

  • Be Thankful
  • Dream Big
  • Never Give Up




4 thoughts on “A little chicken drumstick…

  1. Attachment had no sound & Chinese subtext…….what should I do to hear it……yes, my sound is on. I’ll try downloading again.

    Brenda Spradling Retired & Lovin’ It!

    • Well good grief! I spent a lot time finding the right video – his presentation in that one was very similar to what I had seen him do. I know it had the subtext, couldn’t find one without. I’ll check it out tonight. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Pulled up again and clicked on it…it said it was unavailable……will try later but think I have seen it before…..hope your day is great. Love you

    Brenda Spradling Retired & Lovin’ It!

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