How are you spending your marbles?

So…I start this blog post a bit frustrated because while our sermon this morning by Dale Robble at Highland Park Church was in one word…AWESOME…my attempt at taking notes electronically was a major FAIL since I apparently forgot to hit the “save” button.  Now I have to depend on my memory…and wait for the podcast to come out this week so I can listen to it again! That’s what I get for trying to lighten my load instead of carrying in my Bible and journal. Ok…I digress…back to the topic.

Dale and his family just returned from a trip to visit their family’s homeland in Newfoundland. He was quite generous with pictures on facebook and I enjoyed visually “traveling” with them. One of their adventures involved visiting a very overgrown family cemetery. Today, Dale shared pictures with us and his feelings as they uncovered headstones long forgotten and neglected on the now uninhabited island.

Interestingly, the inscriptions on the headstones are different than what we typically see today. Instead of “date of birth” and “date of death”, they listed the “date of death” and then the age of the deceased….in years, months and even days.  See an example below (this is not from Dale’s trip):

headstone for blog

I believe this headstone says “Aged 38 yrs, 4 mo, 15 ds”. Think about that.  Think about your life in terms of the number of days you will have lived at your death. What are you doing with your remaining days? What am I doing with MY remaining days?

Meditating on this today, I remembered the story of the 1000 marbles. You’ve probably heard it…if you have, here’s a reminder…if you haven’t ever heard it, here’s the lesson:

I’m seriously thinking of buying some marbles…I need to get to calculating how many Saturday’s I have left. That’s a scary thing to think about. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time…which creates even more MOTIVATION to live life to it’s fullest. We aren’t promised ANY more Saturday’s. You only have to turn on the news to realize that.

This weekend, we spent time with our children, including our favorite son-in-law…as they are “all grown up”, I especially cherish any time I get to spend with them. We went to a Nashville Sounds baseball game Friday night, on Saturday I spent the day with a friend who is recovering from surgery and just lost her mother unexpectedly, Rich and I went to church today, had brunch at his favorite “after church” brunch spot and then we shopped for groceries for our family dinner. The whole family was together for a fabulous meal jointly prepared by my daughter and I. Good times. No…correct that…GREAT times!!

So again, I ask…what are you doing with YOUR marbles?



2 thoughts on “How are you spending your marbles?

  1. Jan,
    Well said. It was just the sermon I needed also, and I hope I can keep it in mind for all my Saturdays going forward.
    P.S. I keep thinking about starting a blog, no better time than the present..right? You have inspired me. 🙂

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