I’m not old…I’m living in the moment!

Watching birds at our backyard bird feeder and bird bath has become a daily ritual for my husband and I…when we slip into “bird” conversation, ie. mention a species of bird we think we saw, attempt to identify a newcomer or describe the activities of birds in the bird bath…I often immediately judge us as “old”.

Geez – we sound like your father! Papaw used to love feeding the birds. He fed the birds every day at the store (we owned). It’s one of the many fond memories I have of the time he lived and worked with us.

And please don’t let our adult children hear our conversation…they will laugh and DECLARE us as OLD!!

As I’m sitting in one of my favorite chairs, feet propped up, with a clear view of the bird feeder and bird bath, sipping a cup of hot tea while I “wake up”…I notice a robin taking a rather aggressive bath in the bird bath. I think to myself, “only a couple of days ago, that bath was frozen solid”. It’s amazing how the birds NOTICE when things have changed, the water has thawed and not only can they now drink the water…they can bathe in it too. I wonder how good that must feel to the bird. He really seems to be enjoying it! (I know how dreadful I feel when I haven’t had a shower in just a day!) How incredible that they are so in tune with their surroundings…I mean…how do they find our measly little bath in this big ‘ol world?

Anyway…all this is going on in my head. I again smile and internally tease myself about being…getting…”old”…

Suddenly I realize…I’m not OLD!

I’m living in the moment!

Isn’t this what I’ve been striving to do? Savor each moment of NOW. Notice what is going on around me. Live in THIS moment.

Perhaps “old” people have simply learned to notice THIS moment. Perhaps the stage of life they are in contributes to that ability. When I was in my 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s I was so busy with LIFE pulling me in all different directions that I’m confident I didn’t savor each moment…or even notice the GIFTS of each moment. Looking back, I wish I could change that.

I can however change my perspective from this moment on. I will allow myself, heck…I’ll ENCOURAGE myself to live in THIS moment.

Observe. Listen. Live. Be fully present.

So children…laugh if you will…go ahead and call me old; I know that I am living and loving THIS moment…and enjoying the sound of YOUR laughter…it’s one of the sweetest sounds there is.

My backyard friends are calling…

(image from fungopher.com)



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