Sunshine Vitamin – getting yours?

Did you know that Vitamin D is also referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”?

Did you also know that if you aren’t outside for 15 minutes every day – IN the sun – then you are probably deficient in this important vitamin? As humans we are unique because we are able to make our own vitamin D with adequate sun exposure. This vitamin is a critical component for absorbing and retaining calcium and phosphorus…both are necessary for building bone.

As I was reading about Vitamin D and what it does for us today – I noticed the sun was bright and shining. Time for a quick walk!

With Angel on her leash and my timer on my phone set for 15 minutes off we went into the sunshine. When the road turned and I looked ahead at the shady areas I simply turned around to stay in the sun and kept walking. With some uplifting tunes on my iPhone – it was just the break and energizing moment I needed.

Take time for yourself and get out in the sunshine! It’s good for your body and soul!



2 thoughts on “Sunshine Vitamin – getting yours?

  1. Even during the winter when your entire body is covered up, it is good to get out into the sun. The rays can settle on your exposed face and help to combat SAD.

    • You are RIGHT Colline – thanks for pointing that out! It’s often grey and dreary here in January/February – I’m making a concerted effort to take advantage of the sunny moments I can capture! YOLO!

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