Health = Wealth

Today is the first day of the rest of MY life!! Have you heard that before? Have you embraced the concept? I am!

I’ve made a commitment to MYSELF this year to get healthier. I’m convinced that Health = Wealth. Without health we’ve got nothing…make that I’ve got nothing.

While visiting family over the holidays, we celebrated the one year anniversary of sobriety for my brother-in-law, Bryan. We are very proud of him! I am confident the journey to that one year mark was not always an easy one! During one of our gatherings, someone offered me a glass of wine…I hesitated because Bryan was present…I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. His immediate response to me?

MY drinking problem has nothing to do with how much YOU drink.

WOW! What a great statement that is…and I need to apply it to MY drug of choice…FOOD!

For years, I’ve allowed myself to be sabotoged by those around me…and it’s time to STOP! I can go out to eat with my family, I can go to someone’s house for a meal…but I, and I alone am responsible for what goes on my fork! So for now on…my mantra to the food pushers around me is:

MY eating problem has nothing to do with how much YOU eat.

As much as I want those around me to be at their healthiest too – I cannot control the choices they make. I can only control what I put on MY fork and into MY mouth!

Beginning today – I’m focusing on :

  • eating REAL, whole, fresh, organic, unprocessed foods
  • eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables
  • eating foods with plenty of fiber
  • eating foods with healthy omega-3 fats

I am owning the responsibility for what I put on my fork. I challenge you to do the same!

It’s time for us to become the healthiest versions of ourselves possible!




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