Pressing On

“Pressing on to the higher calling of my Lord”

The service today at Highland Park Church, really struck a chord with me…it’s ALWAYS meaningful, some days the music and message just seem specifically targeted for me. Isn’t it amazing how God works?

First the music – “Pressing On”, a Bob Dylan song and “Power of Love”…WOW! I was rocking in my seat – probably annoying the people around me…it was all I could do to stay seated and not fully rock out with the band!!

Then the message, delivered by Dale Robble…bottom line…we all have a purpose here. If you are going to follow God’s plan, you WILL have naysayers.  We need to learn to listen to the RIGHT voices  in our lives. You’ve got to learn to ignore what “they” say…practice selective hearing, selective reading and learn to tune out doubt.

Jesus doesn’t see a death, He sees an opportunity for a resurrection. Jesus doesn’t see your situation the way YOU see your situation.

God’s not panicking about your situation. Why are you mourning over a situation that God has the ability to resurrect?

Why bother? Because the impossible it JUST around the corner.

Just keep on PRESSING ON!

HPC Band

Blessings to you!



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