My Awesome Adventure – Days 2 & 3

Well…I was so wrapped up in the events of my personal “awesome adventure” that I missed blogging yesterday. I am not focusing on that…rather I am focusing on what I was doing that caused me to miss the day of blogging.

We had another wonderous day of bible study led by the most awesome “Bible Babe” of all – Penny! She has such incredible insight and listening skills to hear and discern where she is being led. We all were in awe of how she lit the path we needed to be lit. When our needs demanded…yes, at times, we demanded…that she change her path…she did it graciously and met us where we needed to be. Lighting another path. Just an incredible gift she has.

I had planned to stay at the “noisy” cabin for the free time on Saturday evening. I ended up shaking my groove thing for hours in the game room with a wonderful group of new friends. We had an awesome DJ emerge from our group, a well stocked jukebox, pool table, air hockey table, a couple of favorite video games, card table and PLENTY of dancing space!!! There is nothing more refreshing after a couple days of intensive studying and digging into self than to let your hair down and DANCE!! Try it some time!

We also celebrated the announcement of one of our HPC sisters being cancer free at this retreat; she had announced her diagnosis last year during the retreat. It was a very special moment as she was presented with a beautiful princess cake created by another HPC sister, Nayeli of the Itty Bitty Cake Shop. What a special occasion it was!!!

This morning we wrapped up the session with Holy Communion, followed by a spontaneous session of signing each other’s journals – remember signing yearbooks in high school – well, yes, it was like that! It was beautiful to see all the women celebrating new friendships by making their loving mark in each other’s journals. It was a beautiful closing to a most incredible weekend. I definitely plan to attend next year!

Have you ever attended a spiritually focused retreat? I highly recommend the experience!

God bless!




Cake by the Itty Bitty Cake Shop

Itty Bitty Cake Shop

Highland Park Church

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