Flip-flop Friday:Gratitude Style

Today is the kind of day I wince about…ok…I do more than wince…I complain loudly… when I realize fall is leaving, summer is well behind and winter is fast approaching.

Cold. Grey. Cloudy. Absolutely NO sun or blue sky visible.

I decided to put on my pink Maui cap (instead of the black cap I’ve been wearing) when I bundled up in layers to take Angel on our morning walk. As I walked I’d let my eyes notice the pink brim of the hat and remember what it feels like to be in Maui.

Warm. Sunny. Blue skies. Blue water. Sound of the surf hitting the shoreline. Feel of the sand between my toes. Smell of the perfumed air. Beautiful flowers. Palm trees. White clouds. Happy people. Drinks with little umbrella’s in them. “Pollock-ini Lookout” (a spot my family has claimed and everyone takes a picture there when we visit). Happy times. Fun memories.

My mood lifted as I walked and purposefully filled my mind and soul with these feelings of gratitude for the memories. I choose to remember that even though the sun is not visible here today…it IS shining above the clouds. It IS present. I WILL feel it’s warmth on my skin again and soon I WILL free my toes from these stifling shoes, back into flip-flops where they belong!

Always maintain a kind of summer, even in the middle of winter. ~Henry David Thoreau




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