No One Can Whistle a Symphony…

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a WHOLE orchestra to play it. ~H.E. Luccock

The good news about building a relationship/network marketing/direct sales business is that while you are in business FOR yourself, you are not in business BY yourself. I believe the same applies in the real estate world as well…while each real estate agent is building his/her own business…unless they are a Broker, they are usually affiliated with a Real Estate Company & Broker…hence, in business FOR themselves, but not BY themselves.

For anyone just starting out…or relaunching their business it’s important to realize that success comes with consistent effort over time.


There is no such thing as “overnight success”…when you think you are witnessing an overnight success…you are actually witnessing the results of someone who has done the right things…over and over and over and over and over again. Success, in anything, requires consistent effort. No matter what.

Some keys to building your successful business:

  • Develop a team – big sales teams come from duplication. Develop a simple, duplicatable system. Ask at your company…they’ve probably already developed one and you just need to plug it in. Network marketing companies are all about duplication – I guarantee you there is a system. Ask. Keep it simple. Don’t try and do it better or reinvent the wheel. That’s a sure way to slow your efforts at success. Duplication is THE most critical factor in building a team.
  • Know the Basic Building Blocks – understand what the basic building blocks are for your business. In my business, it’s critical that I help new team members get 4 sales so their monthly service fees are waived. Forever. In your business it might mean it is essential to sign 5 listing agreements per month which translates into “x” number of contracts per month. Again, talk to your team leader, sponsor, mentor – find out what it is for your specific business.
  • Understand that YOU don’t have to know EVERYTHING! – this is KEY!! There is no “I” in team. Get yourself and your team members to team meetings, team trainings, regional and national training events. When you get your team members to training events you will multiply your business. Understand the business and training tools your company has available to you and then USE THEM!
  • Be a Product of your Product – Do you sell skincare products? Use them! Do you sell nutritional or fitness products? Use them! Are you a real estate agent? Do you own property yourself? Do you sell travel products (wink, wink) – TRAVEL!!!! You cannot be an effective ambassador for your products if you are not a product of your products. The stories you develop by using your products will enable you to be much more effective at selling your products. Facts tell – Stories SELL!

Keep it simple. Keep it duplicatable. Know your basic building blocks. Use your tools. Be a product of your product. Never quit.

Wishing you much success!



PS – the path to my dreams began HERE.

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