Happy November! Travel Question Answered…

Happy November!

A new day….a new week…a new month! All things begin again! 

Yesterday I completed week 1 of the P90X program – it is kicking my tail!! The workouts are really hard, however, I’m learning to pace myself and just to keep moving, even if I can’t do what the people on the video are doing. Managing my food is even harder from the standpoint of using lots of mental energy! I trust that part will get easier with time. It’s all about planning. 

So it is on to week 2! My motivation is strong…gotta look good for the BAHAMA’s!!

I’m very excited about the $49 CRUISE we are going on in January…the timing is PERFECT!!! When it’s cold and gloomy in TN – we are going to have the awesome experience of cruising to the Bahamas!! Can’t get much better than that!!

Love working on my to-do list….Passport…research shore excursions…etc!! Again…planning!! 

I’ve had quite a few friends ask about how we “found” a $49 cruise…and how they can partake as well…it was offered as part of the awesome Travel Club that we joined. The cruise sold out in less than an hour…they are working on putting another very affordable cruise together and you’ve got to be able to move quickly!

YOU can join our club too – watch this quick video for details! Click HERE.

Call me or message me after you’ve watched it…I will sweeten the pot for a short time only! We’ve got to talk for the details!! 

Come cruise with me!!

….I’ll be the one in flip-flops!  

Jan Orga

You Only Live Once – Live with Passion! 

twitter: @spiritofyolo

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