The first day of the rest of my life…

The first day of the rest of my life…

Monday, Oct 25th, is the day I implement the program that is going to change my life! I’m starting P90X!!

If you haven’t heard of it – P90X is home workout program that is creating MASSIVE results for people! I AM going to be one of the SUCCESS stories! Here’s a video that explains it if you’re curious…P90X Video

I’ll be blogging about my feelings, progress, etc. on my Team BeachBody site. Click HERE to follow me. The blog is on the top right section. I’ll be transparent and authentic. I’m not promising it’s going to be pretty…but I guarantee, it will be REAL! 

In my first Spirit of YOLO blog, I wrote about wanting to be an inspiration and a blessing to others. I’ve learned that I can’t do that effectively unless I’m loving and blessing myself first. This is a step in that direction. 

I would love to interact with anyone who’s interested during this process. You can join me on Team BeachBody for FREE. Come and work out with me. Let’s get our New Year’s Resolutions well under way BEFORE the New Year!! 

My goals in life are BIG. If you’ve read my blog before, you know the beach…almost ANY beach…has a special place in my soul. I don’t think I found Team BeachBody by mistake – haha! 

You already know I love to live life in flip-flops…now I’m creating the beach body to go with them! 


Jan Orga

You Only Live Once – Live with Passion! 

twitter: @spiritofyolo

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