Happy Flip-flop Friday! Open yourself to the possibilities!

It’s flip-flop Friday and that means finding your flip-flop self! 

When we open up our feet to the sun, our lives seem to open up also – to the stars and the moon, to the sky, to the possibilities of the horizon. 
~excerpted from how to live in flip-flops by Sandy Gingras

Summer may be over…and the sun is still shining. The world is open before you…and me. 

What are your dreams? 

I dream of being FREE. True freedom of time and money. Free so I can make an impact on this world and leave a legacy for my family. 

I dream of living in a world where I am helping others achieve THEIR dreams…whatever they may be.  Again, I ask, what are your biggest dreams? Have you found your flip-flop self? 

I’ve been living in flip-flops for a year now…it’s amazing how your attitude changes when your wardrobe changes. You learn not to take yourself so seriously. I’m finally REALLY finding MY flip-flop self. She’s been in there all along…just hidden a bit behind past perceived “expectations of others”. 

I am fully embracing her now. 

My dreams are now intentions. And will soon be my reality. How about yours? 

I’m the one in flip-flops,


Jan Orga

You Only Live Once – Live with Passion! 

twitter: @spiritofyolo

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