Flip Side of Terrorism

I’ve been watching the rescue of the Chilean #miners off and on since the rescue began late last night. This is a very emotional event. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have been trapped in the bowels of the earth since August 5th…it’s now October 13th. 69 days. 

One of the Fox News broadcasters said it best..

“We are watching the flip side of terrorism. Nations are aligned to extract 33 individuals to return them to their families. The preciousness of human life is here on display to combat the terrible taking of life we see in other sectors of the world.”


It’s been simply amazing to learn of the united efforts of multiple nations and their roles in this rescue. 

Every individual rescued is a human story. 

33 unique, human stories. 

I hope they are individually able to recognize this “rebirth” as a gift and a new beginning in their lives. Let go of the old and embrace the new. 

A lesson for us all. 

As I write this 20 miners have been rescued. 13 to go. 

God bless! 


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