Letting Go

On July 28th, @RichGerman tweeted: “Once you give up your attachments, things can no longer destroy you & then you can experience true happiness & peace”.

I replied to him that this was a concept that I need to “OWN” and that I struggle with it daily. Rich replied back, encouraging me to “OWN IT”! 

A bit of history: my husband has been encouraging me to “let go” of things that no longer bring value into our lives. I have to “argue” that I’m not the only one needing to let go of a few “things”…but alas, I do realize that I only have ownership over myself and my own behaviors. My closets, my desk area, our garage are filled with “stuff”. Some of it I’m holding onto because it stimulates memories or has sentimental value. I have a hard time letting go of something that was given to me in love or that a family member of mine owned and has passed along to me. Some, I’m not sure why I’m holding onto it…what am I afraid of letting go of? 

I walked into our garage today and was greeted by a lot of water that wasn’t supposed to be there. Our A/C unit and the hot water reside directly beside each other and I wasn’t able to tell which was the culprit, yet clearly something was very wrong. I placed the call to the repair company and then set about clearing the space. Since our garage houses “stuff” instead of cars…there was much to be done. The water had soaked a lot of items. 

I opened the garage door and proceeded to empty the side of the garage that was water-logged. It was in the upper 90’s today with high humidity as well. You get the picture. As I worked, pulling items out, sorting those that required laundering, finding a “home” for things that we needed and throwing away “stuff” that no longer added value to my life, I thought of the concept Rich German had planted in my mind just a few days ago. Clear the space, Jan. Out with old and make space for new, clearing, energy. Let go of unnecessary attachments. Own it. Find the peace. 

I moved a particularly large box of trash, hauled it out to the driveway and when I came back in to sweep the now empty and cleared space, I found a $5.00 bill! $5 is $5 right? 

Then I got a text that our travel company had just released a $49 cruise to the Bahama’s…I raced to the computer and booked the trip…learning a few hours later that the trip sold OUT in a matter of hours. Friends that were working and planned to book the trip missed it because they didn’t have access to a computer in time. 

I’m a believer. Clear out the negative space…let go of negative energy…it’s holding you back. Do I feel at peace tonight? You betcha. Thanks, Rich!

Jan Orga

Twitter: @spiritofyolo


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