Summer Cleanse Time!

Today is the 2nd “official” day of summer and also day 2 of my second seasonal cleanse. In this year of re-inventing myself, I have adopted the practice of seasonal cleanses.  My goal with this summer cleanse is to cleanse my body and nurture my soul. We live in a stressful world and are exposed to toxins in our environment, in our foods, etc.

People have used cleanses, often seasonally, for ages. While cleanses may have originally been more spiritual in nature, I view the modern need for a cleanse as both spiritual and physical. It’s a way of centering and refocusing on priorities. Life has changed so much in such a relatively short period of time. For example, our grandparents had a much lower toxic load to deal with than we do. Their foods were primarily organic, as the common use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers didn’t start until after WWII. Excess toxins in your body and mind can make you feel lethargic, tired, stressed out and cause weight gain. Most people deep clean their houses with the seasons, why not clean our bodies and minds too?

Your health is the most important thing when it comes to happiness in relationships, wealth building and success. If you don’t feel good and feel good about yourself, you won’t have the inner strength or confidence to make the right decisions to take you where you want to go. Choosing to eat healthy, exercise, pray and meditate will create a positive effect in your life.

I am choosing to take 10 days and focus on eating healthy foods, getting fit and getting re-energized.
  • No sugar – fruit ok
  • Drink water – ½ of body weight in ounces
  • 50% LIVE foods – lots of salad and veggies
  • No meat or only 1 portion per day of organic chicken or fish. NO red meat.
  • No dairy – I do use almond milk in my morning green smoothie
  • No white flour
  • No caffeine or alcohol
  • Alkalize the body – green powder supplement – super greens
  • No fried foods
  • Supplemental vitamins, essential oils
  • Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day
  • Pray and meditate daily

I’m looking forward to carrying more energy, less weight and less mental burden into the new season! I am starting this season with fresh and renewed energy. I’m excited about life and intend to BE MORE ALIVE!


YOLO…you only live once…Live with Passion!!

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