What Is It That You Seek?

What Is It That You Seek?

If you are of the mindset that if you start thinking that money is going to flow into your bank account simply because you put up some pictures on a wall or have been thinking Money, Money , Money, then prepare to be disappointed.  Contrary to what you saw in THE SECRET, you actually have to do something.  in exchange for what you are trying to manifest in your life.  The only guarantee from the universe is that you must first be willing to give in order to be open to receive.  It will take time management planning, setting personal goals as well as the proper metaphysics consciousness.  

You must be willing to get organized, make the sacrifice and do the dirty work.  99% of success is perspiration.  That being said, you must love what you do and take pride in your personal evolution.  At the same time, its vital that you learn and continue to train yourself to manifest wealth in your mind.  Manifesting wealth with your mind is important in gaining abundance. If you think like a poor person, you will become or remain that way. If you think like someone who knows wealth and who has experienced abundance, then your chances of acquiring riches are magnified ten fold. 

It’s all about mind over matter. What you think about most of the time will be reflected in what actually happens to you by giving you clarity thereby making you actually do it.  So if you want to manifest true abundance, think in those terms, get organized, work hard and watch a miracle happen.

excerpted from MorningCoach.com email “Compound Interest for Your Mind” April 16, 2010. 

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