My favorite vacation memory…

This post topic was inspired by the Women of Faith Wednesday post. 
My favorite vacation memory…boy, it’s hard to narrow down my many, many fond vacation memories to just ONE favorite. 
I chose to narrow it down to a specific moment on a FUN vacation in Key West. Our kids were about 8 & 12. We took them on a sailing/snorkeling adventure trip off the Keys. It was an El Nino year which meant the tides and swells were running a bit higher than usual. In fact, our snorkeling trip had been post-poned by a day because the swells were too large to get close enough to the reef without risking damage. This gave us a day to practice snorkeling in the pool and allowed the kids to get comfortable with the equipment. 
The day of the trip was a beautifully sunny, blue sky kind of day. On the sail to the reef, we enjoyed watching a pod of dolphins as they accompanied us for a while. There was a guy on the boat who was getting a bit green & sea sick as we sailed along. The captain was tending to him with fresh ginger, which seemed to work. Since the swells were still a bit higher than normal, the captain anchored the boat further from the reef than usual leaving a pretty good swim to get to the reef area. 
As we prepared to swim to the reef, the kids were nervous because of the swells. The captain offered to let them stay on the boat with him. Rich and I swam to the reef for an amazing snorkeling experience. 
Back on the boat, using a photo fish identification guide, I was pointing out to the kids the various fish I’d seen. “I saw one of those…and one of those…a couple of those…”. The kids suddenly became very excited and started pointing at the guide saying “We saw this and this and this and this and this and this and this, etc… as the pointed excitedly at picture after picture!!”
Turns out…the sea sick guy became really sick and was vomiting over the side of the boat…the captain threw out a life ring on the other side of the boat and told our kids to hold on to it and just put their masks in the water – right beside the boat. The kids saw many, many more fish than we did!! And minimal effort required on their part! It was too funny! 
That particular trip also has memories of me, Mom, getting pulled by a Key West motorcycle cop for driving my rental moped too slow…that’s probably a favorite family story told on Mom! And then there was the moment we locked our rental car keys in the car while we had the trunk open (thankfully). Alex was small enough and able to squeeze through the opening in the back seat from the trunk and crawl through into the car and open it from inside. I held my breath the entire time praying he wouldn’t get stuck! How would you explain that one?? 
Yes, that spring break Key West vacation was quite memorable. Fun, family times!


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