Live with Passion…You Only Live Once!

My life underwent a sudden, drastic, unplanned change last October. I was “involuntarily terminated” aka “fired” from a position I had held for 4 1/2 years. I have never been fired before in my life!

There had been a recent change in leadership coupled with market shifts in the industry and “voila”, I was no longer needed as a member of the Leadership Team. While I can’t say I didn’t “see” it coming…there were “signs” leading up to the “event”…the eventual realization and reality of the emotional rejection were tougher to deal with than I had anticipated.

I’ve been pondering many thoughts and ideas about just “who I am” at this stage of my life and what is it I want out of the rest of my life? I LOVE to travel and have come to the firm BELIEF that travel just has to play a key role in my new identity.

The “feel” I want to live my life with is what I’ve declared…the Spirit of YOLO!

I was inspired by the Aloha Spirit and what it stands for. Most people readily know it as a greeting used in Hawaii for both “Hello” and “Goodbye”.

The Aloha Spirit is a well known reference to the attitude of friendly acceptance for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous. However, it also refers to a powerful way to resolve any problem, accomplish any goal, and also to achieve any state of mind or body that you desire.       ~ The Aloha Spirit

I am most happy when I am blessing others. Blessing may take on many forms…it might be done with words, with actions, with financial support, with admiration, emotional support, love, friendship, happiness, peace, gratitude and so on.

SO…the Spirit of YOLO was born.

I will live my life with the purposeful intention of blessing others. I will live my life with PASSION!

My family is at the very top of my priority list and I intend to leave them a legacy of being blessed and blessing others. I am an entrepreneur and I intend to help people discover how to live their lives with passion and the Spirit of YOLO. I intend to explore the far reaches of this beautiful planet we live on; I am confident I’ll find opportunities to bless others in my travels. I intend to build a life of financial freedom so I remain in a position to bless others.

I encourage you to consider living your life with the Spirit of YOLO! Imagine the place this world would be if we all focused on blessing others. Ahhh…the peace.





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